Product Areas

Display Solutions

Information and imagery can be
displayed in many formats and
styles. Our range of driver
cards allow plasma and
LCD panels to display
bespoke screens for
many applications.

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Image Processing Systems

Technology can now process
imagery and recognise
formats/information which can
be used in data gathering
or displayed as part of the
image. We have individual
embedded image processing
solutions using the latest
DSP and FPGA technologies.

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Video Streaming & Distribution
Our range of video storage / streaming
solutions allow multi-standard video
inputs to be captured. These video images
can then processed, stored
or / and streamed over
Gigabit Fibre or Copper
ethernet links.
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System Accessories

A full range of electronic units are
available for all types of sensing
and measuring. Custom units
can be developed for specific
tasks and environments.

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Media Solutions

Media displays and media
distribution technologies allow
the latest and reliable
information distribution.

Rugged DVR/PC

Our range of Digital data recorders, video streaming,
storage and distribution
solutions allow multi-
standard video formats to be
captured. These video...

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