Rugged Display Solutions

Advanced Vision Technology offers a range of rugged military display solutions. Custom information and data can be overlaid onto the image displayed in a variety of formats and styles. The displays are housed in a robust shell which can stand up to the harshest of environments. These rugged displays are well suited for use within military vehicles, navel, avionics and other mission critical applications.

A wide range of sizes, resolutions and features are available, these include touch, daylight visible, NVIS compatibility and many more. The latest range of rugged display solutions are designed to meet the new UK MOD Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) - Def Stan 23-09 standards and also support the Def Stan 00-82 Vetronics Infrastructure for Video Over Ethernet (VIVOE) protocol. This standard enables compatible devices to be directly interfaced to the display.

The VIVOE variant can both decode and encode RTP video ethernet packets a swell as streaming two auxiliary analogue video inputs using RTP protocols to other displays in the system. The inclusion of an embedded PC makes them ideal for middleware applications requiring mission critical or tactical data and graphical overlays. An optional touch screen facilitates the deployment of interactive applications.

Our solutions are ideal for presenting mapping, video imaging, sensor and other information in either a retrofit or a new system design. The VDS768P16 display solution offers multi-PIP functionality allowing up-to 16 images to be tiled on a single display.


Selection of input formats and sensor interfaces
Customised graphic and information overlay
Picture-in-picture format (tiled) - Up-to 16 input channels (VDS768P16)
Optional Touch screen control
Designed to meet Def Stan 00-29/23-09
Def Stan 00-82 compatibility
Data and information sharing and storage (VDSS602DX-R1)

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Rugged Display Products

Product Name Description Analog Cameras IP Digital Streams IP Digital Streams OP Def Stan 00-82 LCD PiP Built in PC Optional
VDS6000D Rugged Flat Panel GVA Display  2 4 2 12.1" x O
VDS6000A Rugged Flat Panel AIO Display  2 x x x 12.1" O
VDS6000DA Rugged Flat Panel AIO GVA Display  2 4 2 12.1" O
VDS768P16 Rugged 16 Channel PiP Flat panel Display 16 x x x 12.1" x x

Rugged Video Encoder Products

To support our range of GVA style displays we offer a compact Video Encoder for both Def Stan 00-82 and GigE Vision digital streams. Each unit supports up to 8 Analogue PAL/NSTC video inputs and digitally encodes two channels of video to the requisite standard.

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Product Name Description Analog Cameras IP GigE Vision OP Def Stan OP Overview
VES6000D Rugged Def Stan 00-82 Encoder 8 (2 simultaneous) x 2
VES6000E Rugged GigE Vision Encoder 8 (2 simultaneous) 2 x
VES6002E Rugged GigE Vision Encoder 8 (4 simultaneous) 2 x

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